• Storage bin Storage bin

Robot floor cleaners are bagless and store all the sucked debris in its detachable storage bin. These bins usually have a HEPA filter which catches fine dirt particles in its exhaust section. Some units have reusable filters while others don’t. If you don’t want to keep on buying new filters, its better buying a robot vac with a reusable filter.

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  • Side bristles/whiskers

While whiskers or side brushes are relatively new inventions, they are so effective that they are now a standard feature on most robotic vacuums. It’s located on the machine’s front side and spins towards the machine center while extending outwards to the side and front to push dirt and debris into the machine’s brush region.

Side whiskers also help these machines effectively overcome a major issue faced by regular units, which is getting close to baseboards and walls.

  • Connectivity 

Wireless connectivity is an interesting new feature that exists in many high-end models like the Neato Botvac. These models have their own phone or tablet applications connecting mobile devices to the unit through an internet connection.

This provides various mobile connectivity solutions like scheduling, monitoring, remote control and push notifications. There are some unique models which even give live video feed from the machines which have digital cameras.

Some robot vacuum cleaners have basic radio frequency connection and come with a simple remote control with a few buttons for stopping, starting and scheduling it. Many people opt for this model to avoid having to constantly get up and down to move it around.

Robots with limited remote control add some fun as it lets users take control when it’s program can’t overcome some obstacles. The remote control feature also helps when the machine’s instructions are not so effective at cleaning up an area. (Source http://www.elreviews.com/best-robotic-vacuum-reviews/)